We are a community-based organization in the eastern part of Uganda, in Luuka district whose vision is to build on underprivileged education to create reforms in the early years, youth and adult education for self-sustainable and growth-oriented rural communities. 


We design solutions to education challenges and deliver programs to promote education equity, quality, and excellence for all children, in rural areas where there is a lack of resources and support for children to attend school or stay in school


We are driven by our vision of making education accessible, available and rewarding to all children in low-income communities to create reforms for sustainable development. Our current projects;

- Early Childhood Education Program

-Uplifting women, raising villages

-  Zero Grades and teacher training

- Youths empowerment through digital skills training

aim at creating reforms in the early years education, youth education and empowerment, whilst investing in hunger eradication programs to build self-sustained, educated, responsible, and growth-oriented communities from absolute poverty.


Follow the link to find out more about our early learning program  https://youtu.be/aZFgZhDLoaI


We are successfully transforming education and offering education opportunities to 30 children in early childhood education program, 20 youths have access to ICT and Digital training programs, 20 parents enrolled into our adult literacy programs and currently supporting 3 rural community schools with a Zero Grades education program and a Meals for school program impacting over 2000 rural primary school learners.